Emma T Akuffo


I’m Emma T.  Akuffo, I was born in Kumasi, Ghana.  At the age of twelve, my family and I moved to the United States of America. The vision of Combating CSA is to educate children in Ghana on safety lessons, to prevent sexual assault. There’s an immense inattention to child sexual abuse in Ghana and although this topic brings discomfort to many, we must acknowledge this as a problem and educate our young ones. When I set out to create lesson plans for children, I aim to create simple yet effective lesson plans. I aim for the lesson plans to be interactive, applicable, sensitive in words, comfortable, fun and inclusive.

I’m passionate about Child Advocacy. With my other organization, “Emma Advocates”, I educate children on healthy living and provide educational supplies for children in impoverished communities. With health education, I focus on dental health and feminine hygiene. At dental workshop, I educate children in Ghana about healthy dental choices. It’s important to educate children on dental health at an early age because not many Ghanaian children can afford to visit a dentist, making oral health an issue in Ghana. I also advocate for KATH Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana.  I advocate for medical supplies from hospitals and programs in the United States for the KATH pediatric department.  In the past, I have interned at KATH hospital and gathered funds for patients to aid in their medical bills. My dedication to health advocacy and education is rooted in my passion for medicine. Helping people live a healthy lifestyle is my passion & I hope to continue this passion in medicine. Visit www. emmaadvocates.com and follow @emma_advocates on all social media platforms to learn more about my other advocacy projects.