Sylvia Fafa Dzradosi


When children are not exposed to certain aspects and situations of life as they grow they become naive and are therefore deceived and abused. In this light working with kids in order to combat the rising menace of child sexual abuse is a delight, as I, as an individual together with this great team can contribute our quota to society and the world at large as we help secure the future of these great kids who would have been abused or who have been abused and have no hope. An opportunity to lighten up one’s world brings me joy thus I will always stand for the fight against sexual assault. I am Sylvia Fafa Dzradosi. Currently, I am in my 3rd year at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), studying Land Economy. I am always driven by a certain zeal and passion when I decide to do something and it’s with this same zeal and passion that I will work with to help combat child sexual abuse.